Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pain in the neck

I've not posted in a while as my son managed to wrench his neck picking up clothes from the floor of his room (THAT'LL teach him to clean his room). The poor thing was completely miserable this weekend and could barely move his neck. The doctor instructed me to give him motrin and Ben Gay (so now he smells like an old, arthritic man). Who knew there were ten different kinds of Ben Gay and Icy Hot? Menthol and Capsicum and salycilates...I asked the pharmacist what she recommended. Apparently capscium can burn skin (it's the main ingredient in mace) so we opted for menthol. He's still listing to one side like a drunken sailor....but he smells minty fresh!

On a happier note, I received my confirmation today of our tour of the US Capitol when we visit D.C. in June. I sent a note to our representative the day I booked the flights to get on the waiting lists. I've got my fingers crossed we'll also get a tour of the White House and Bureau of Engraving (the mint). I plan to blog our trip when the time comes.


Anne said...

Marie- if he's still in pain from his neck (I've done that SEVERAL times- it's AWFUL!) would you consider bringing him to a chiropractor? They can really help. Or if not, I have a nice neck roll that you can heat up that you can borrow. Smells like lavendar- much better than Ben Gay- you could be en Provence

Marie said...

He's all better now. I did get the vanishing scent one. I even considered heating rice in a sock. Not sure if that would work or cause the rice to explode!


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