Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why I don't stockpile for the Second Coming

I was reading a comment from my dear friend Bunny on the Redken deal. Her comment was that I must have one heck of a stockpile. I think Bunny would be sad to read that compared to many couponers, my stockpile pales significantly in comparison.

I have seen photos of stockpiles that would make a Mormon blush (Mormon's are advised to store a year's supply of food for their families):


and even this:

In contrast, I have a collection of some 20 bottles of laundry detergent and about that many bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream and miscellaneous hair products. Most of my food supplies are down to reasonable quantities (though I likely have more Knox rice mixes and soup than most, I'm not feeding 10 kids).  I just don't want/need that much STUFF in my home.

I respect those women who work hard to save every penny and stockpile to be sure of having things on hand for when they need them, but I recognize that a lot of these women spend a lot of time amassing these pantry-busting collections. My couponing is more...casual. I'm a couponer by convenience. If I'm in the neighborhood or planning my regular jaunt to the Jewel, I'll stock up on a little of this or that (ok I went a little nutty on the laundry detergent but that stuff is expensive and I got it for nearly free). Plus, I am a neat freak and all that stuff would drive me nuts (not to mention that I don't have a walk in pantry and am not interested in setting up my basement as a mini-mart).

So don't be disappointed in my "stash." I've always said with couponing do what's right for you.

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