Friday, February 26, 2010

What's for dinner tonight?

It's work at home Friday so I've got the crockpot going. Fridays are CRAZY days at our house at dinner time. Catherine's cello lessons get us home with only 15 minutes to spare before William has to be at basketball practice (thankfully this insanity will end soon as the season is almost over).  I've pulled out my trusty beef roast for tonight, but it's my last roast from the freezer so I'll have to stock up on the next good sale.

Speaking of sales, Jewel shoppers will understand it when I say the 4 HUGE deals going on right now are driving couponers to the stores in droves. I've got a few freebies on my shopping list (shampoo, soap, spaghetti sauce, bread and eggs, to name a few). That'll have to wait till after I hunker down into this research anaylsis I'm doing on women in the cellular phone market (see, I DO have a real job!).

And on a side note, Catherine is doing an independent study with her honors English teacher. She's read The Lost World (in two hours) but a A Tale of Two Cities has become her literary match, She's a reading pro unless it's 19th century British literature. I loved her comment last night: I think Dickens was paid by the word! 

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Weekend Cowgirl said...

Well, this looks yummy of course!! I use my crock pot at farm a lot...


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