Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What's for dinner at my house tonight?

With 10 inches of snow predicted, something ready when I walk in the door from work is optimal.

Here's what I threw together at 7am:

I had a chuck roast, some onions, some lipton onion soup mix (I got ten boxes for cheap last fall from Jewel) and some carrots. You know how easy this is. John likes lots of onions (bleh).  I'll make some homemade mashed potatoes later on.

I do like to put cork hot pads under the crockpot while it cooks. I know you probably don't have to and I am being overly cautious, but the corian countertop is essentially plastic and I'm half afriad I'll melt that puppy. Or could this be a part of my master plan to put in granite?  Hmmm. Maybe the cork pads will have to go. The other day I was pulling a large knife from the counter block and it flew through the air and whacked a chunk off the edge of the countertop (better than my foot!). I "buffed" it up with a nail file. I  don't think that would work with granite, however.

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