Saturday, September 11, 2010

Formula 3 made my tootsies all lovely again

It's been four weeks of painting my toenails twice daily with the Formula 3 oil-based tolnafol anti fungal medication my dermatologist gave me to try (I have to go back this week to report on my findings). I'd have to say I give this one an A+. You can only get this from a doctor so don't try to order it online (the company's website says products sold under it's name on line are bogus counterfeits). I read the bottle costs $45 but I got mine for free. I am having to pay for the return trip to the dermatologist for a check.

My sweet toes have never looked better, and by better I mean I am not planning on becoming a foot model and giving up my day job, but it's nice to wear open toed shoes and not have people wondering if those are nails or hooves on my feet.

They were gross. Really.

And since I'm a market research by nature I decided to document my results, for a little empircal show and tell if you will.

Here is the before (brace yourself):

And here is the after (awww!). Now they aren't done yet as toe nails take 1 year sometimes to completely regrow. But I see a difference. Really, I do.

Little half moon thingy at the base of my nail that I haven't seen in 25 years: Welcome Back!


Weekend Cowgirl said...

So glad you went to the doctor!!!!! Now that was not so bad was it???

josette said...

they look pretty good for only four weeks.


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