Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dear HP: Why is your laptop so damn hot?

Seriously, one day you are going to burn my house down or melt my Corian countertops. God only know I cannot use your laptop on my actual LAP since it is too hot to hold. I've resorted to having to use on a ventilated trivet on my kitchen counter.

Oh, I've read your battery fire recall notices...guess what? They never seem to refer to MY model. So I'm mad. No, I'm BURNING mad. You tell me why it is that you used to be able to make a laptop that was compatible with the human lap but no more?

And just in case you're wondering, I'm using it on Balanced Power because anything lower or slower makes it run like a snail.

And just so all the free Internet (except China) world can see, I've documented just what kinds of temperatures this baby can hit in normal use. I started with the laptop in sleep mode, and took a photo every few minutes until it hit its max temperature of 117F!

Please, Mr. HP Pavillion Laptop President, come tell me how this is normal? I'm waiting.

Sitting on a trivet because it's so hot I actually think it would melt the countertop. It's in sleep mode right now.

Battery is on Balanced Performance

Within 3 minutes it's jumped 10 degrees F

Within 20 minutes we clock in at 115F.

And in the 5 minutes it took me to type this blog post, you've reached a new record:

Would you want this on your lap? It's a moot question; you could not STAND to have this  thing on your LAP?

Better make that 117.1F

Make that 118.2F.  I'm shutting off the laptop now.


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