Friday, March 5, 2010

Plans in the Works

Juggling multiple projects right now, but the three big ones:

1. Jewel
I've got to get to the Jewel today to do a few deals on items I want and need. I won't be spending hours there or wiping clean any shelves, just snagging a few good deals that we can use or donate to church. My big thing to plan is lunch for the weekend. Lunch is the hardest meal for me. I am at work during lunch most days, so I grab a Healthy Choice or Lean Cuisine from home. But that won't work at home. I'm sick of sandwiches. Sick of soup. Sick of hot dogs. What a rut!

2. Trip planning for DC in June
I wrote to our congresswoman in January to arrange for tours. I was pleased to see an envelop from them this week with confirmations for our tours of the US Capitol, the Library of Congress and the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. I had to go online myself and book the National Archives self-guided tour (the docent-led tour was sold out). Now that the biggies are taken care of, it's time to figure in all the little specialty museums the kids want to see. My MIL sent me a nice little book (Fodor's Around Washington, D.C. with Kids, 5th Edition (Around the City with Kids)created just for children visiting DC. I had the kids mark which ones they are interested in. It turned out most ALL of them (plus the national zoo which we need to work in for one day).

3. Windows and Doors
We need to begin researching new windows and doors for the house. Am sooo not looking forward to that (looking forward to it being done, but not the cost, stress or aggrevation). I have a lot of windows. A lot of them.

Here's the cover of this little book if you see it in stores. It's really very good.

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