Monday, March 1, 2010

This, that and a sick kid

What? No image Marie for tonight's dinner? That's because tonight's dinner is beef stroganoff, and despite a strong proclivity to wanting to use the crockpot, I've never done beef stroganoff in a slow cooker. Add to this the fact that my recipe for in it a slow cooker calls for canned cream of onion and cream of mushroom soup, both of which I don't have on hand. So it's the old fashioned, stove-top variety for me. I'll even pat my beef stew meat dry before I brown it (Julia Child will be so proud of me!).

We did get in a lovely dinner with friends on Saturday night at one of our favorite local French restuarants. I forgot to take photos of all my meals (and frankly it would have been a pretty weird looking thing to do) but I did sneak in just this one for you. Beignets stuffed with chocolate ganache and red rasberry dipping sauce.

It was yummy. I don't think I have to tell you that.  I ended up having the same thing I'm always getting there: mixed green salad with toasted rounds of goat cheese, steak frites and dessert (above) although truth be told I never eat more than a third of the entree (the rest came home) and John ate most of my dessert (and regretted it the next day).

Sunday was supposed to be pretty easy but William fell ill with a stomach virus/fever. It came on from nowhere and I am pretty sure he must have caught it on his field trip Friday to the Adler Planetarium. Poor thing spent all Sunday and Sunday night lying on the floor of the bathroom (we moved the TV in there, and he was comfortable on pillows and blankets). Standing up made him sick. It was better to keep hm lying down and he did not want to move.  He didn't go to school today but is eating and watching tv and much more like himself. See?

Lastly I am beginning to see signs of spring: namely an increase in the number of days where we actually see a little sun (like once a week if we're lucky). But it's just enough to make Mr. Ficus come back alive. I told you he would (ok, I had my doubts afer he dropped a gazillion leaves) but I just have to remember to breathe.

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