Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is 111 boxes of Swiss Miss enough to claim dual citizenship?

Something to consider. I do like Switzerland

But I digress...there is a sale starting Thursday at my Jewel grocery store. It goes a little like this:

Conagra (the manufacturer of such fine merchandise as Wesson Oil and Hunts Pudding--both with a shelf life to rival polystyrene), is offering $10 back on a $25 purchase. The $25 you spend is based on the normal (shelf) price of Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix, not the sale price. The shelf price is $2.49 and it's on sale for $1 starting Thursday. The trick, you see, is the SPREAD (I feel like a Vegas booky).

11 boxes x $2.49 =  $27.39 but I only pay 11 x $1 = $11
I get back $10
net net 11 boxes for $1.

Rinse and repeat 10 times.

I don't need 111 boxes of hot chocolate, but the church could use it for Fellowship. And 111 boxes for $11 isn't a bad deal, no?

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josette said...

Wish they had these deals at any of our stores in Columbia.


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