Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cello Recital

Catherine had her first recital today. We are so proud of her! When we arrived to rehearse with the pianist, Catherine was only able to get through her piece one time without making a mistake. After several tries we decided she needed to take a break because she was nervous. The pianist had some relaxation techniques and encouraged her to breathe deeply. It worked! Catherine was the first cellist to play, and the only one to have memorized her piece. She played it perfectly! She was thrilled and we were, too!

I've also added the group performances. Sorry for the dark videos but the room was very dark and this is just my digital camera, not a camcorder with a light pack. They are playing Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter. (Try to ignore the lady in front of me who continually took photos on her iPhone!)

Here's the group playing Be Thou My Vision (Slane) which was a piece they learned in a recent workshop.

Here's Dona Nobis Pacem:

Here's Sourwood Mountain:

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