Friday, May 21, 2010

Healthy Choice frozen meal deal

UPDATE: I just did this over lunch. I did three transactions of 7 each. My total out of pocket after deducting the $10 I made with each transaction was -$3. I made money buying them. I know some people don't like frozen entrees, but I enjoy them for lunch at work. The sodium is not terrible and they are actually pretty good.

Here's one I plan to do for the Conagra spend $25 get $10. I purchased off ebay $5/5 coupons for HC entrees (side note--this was my FIRST purchase of coupons off ebay and I actually think it was easy and a good deal--I bought ** 20 ** of them for $3).

HC entrees are on sale for $2 (regular price is $4). I eat these for lunch everyday (separate side note--I lost 5 pounds eating them for lunch and have kept off the 5 pounds ever since)

Deal Idea:
7 HC entrees (7 x $4 = 428)
I pay 7 x $2 = $14
Minus $5 (use one $5/5 coupon)
Minus $1/2 printable from
OOP= $8
Get $10

I make $2 for every 7 I buy

Thanks to for informing me about the catalina deal!

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Anonymous said...

you did good.


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