Monday, May 3, 2010

So how did my Sunday go after all?

First the good: despite feeling a bit like I was going to throw up, and somehow completely forgetting what I was supposed to say in the middle of the Children's Sermon (speaking in tongues would have been preferable to drawing a complete blank--thank God for notes). I must have done well because the kids understood me and I managed to not ad lib anything remotely unBiblical (which I feared when I drew a blank!) or having to resort to stand-up comedy. Did you hear the one about Jesus and the Rabbi?

The afternoon musical Grease at the high school was good, but I completely forgot about the storyline of Grease and how it might read to my 8 and 11 year olds. I noticed TONS of children in the audience and that they'd purposely toned down some of the words and lyrics, but the subject matter was still there (premarital sex, fooling around, gangs, disrespect to adults etc). Not that my kids are sheltered under a rock (they're chained in the basement silly---no no no I'm just kidding!) but still, I kind of had that parental momement where I winced and wished maybe we'd chosen something else. In the end my son declared he didn't understand the storyline but that it seemed to be about bad teenagers. 

Well, maybe he'll be ok!

And the not so good: I have to tell you I was somewhat disappointed with my coupon class turnout. I really worked on the presentation deck for weeks. I did it right after church so people could grab a coffee and come in. I was hoping to get more than 10 people to come and about 11 showed up. Goal acheived, I guess. But it was one of those things where you get really excited about something and offer to share the information and only a handful of people seem to care. I say, GOOD FOR THEM. More deals to do amongst us. I'm glad I could be an inspiration to someone.

How was your weekend?

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