Saturday, May 1, 2010

My super crazy tomorrow

I'm excited for a number of reasons: First off, tomorrow I will be doing the Children's Sermon at my church for the very first time. I managed to find a great kids sermon that matches the Bible reading for the day. I'd never done a sermon before, mostly because I had no idea of WHAT to say. Everyone who does them at my church seems to be both Bible expert (which I am not) or super creative (not that either).  I searched my source of all things, the Internet, and found Sermons4kids. This is a GREAT site! They have short sermons for both New and Old Testament readings. We're having John 17 as the main reading tomorrow, and it turns out they have an accompanying children's message using a Matroyska doll, which I conveniently own (Thank God). When I mentioned this to the other ladies who've been doing most of the children's sermons, they BOTH knew of it AND used it. I'm apparently the last to know on these things (eeek! as I am the new Christian Education Elder). I'd better get my act together.

Secondly, I'll be running a VERY basic grocery couponing class for my church. This portends to be a very casual, very informal event (I am expecting 6 people) but I have put together (I think) a nice Powerpoint presentation. I kept it VERY simple. It should be interesting (and I hope they find it informative). I'm only worried someone will ask me a tough question. I'm no "super couponer" but I'm doing very well and thought I knew enough to share.

Finally, we'll be running from church to home to make a matinee performance of Grease at the high school. We've seen several productions there and it's all been first class. Our high school is fortunate to have an state of the art performance center so we are really anticipating another great show.

How's your weekend shaping up?

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