Friday, March 19, 2010

Less dying today, obviously

I went into the office yesterday but I felt weird when I got there. I was dizzy. I felt like I was falling. Bleh. I am drinking tons of water. I had about 32 oz or more yesterday and today as well. No appetite really. Not eating. Bleh. Maybe I am still dehydrated?

However I did have to get party favors at Target for my daughter's 11th birthday party tomorrow so I grabbed my 2 x $1/1 qs and my 2 x $2.50/3 cats (printed from Jewel), and grabbed 8 J&J Bath Buddies Bars for a total of 76 cents (plus tax).

I couldn't help it.....'s a sickness


Weekend Cowgirl said...

How cute are those favors? Hope you feel better soon.

Anne said...

Marie, try drinking some gatorade. That should raise your electrolyte levels and put some salt back in you. That should help make you feel better. When my brother and I were at NIU, they quarantined our dorm because the Norovirus hit our hall. Every day, a new wave would hit. It was passed by one of the food service workers. Anyone who had the Italian beef on sunday night came down with it. After that, it spread like wildfire. My brother got it, luckily I did not. (we lived on the same floor in the same dorm) We didn't bother to tell our mom because there was nothing she could do. She heard about the quarantine on the radio in the middle of the night one night and she was horrified. This illness is also nicknamed "The Winter Vomiting Disease"

Marie said...

Oh Bunny! Those aren't party favors! It's just bath soap silly!

@Ann: I think I should hve gotten gatoerade. I am only just beginning to feel somewhat normal. I still have zero appetite. I wonder what I weigh now....standby...well I'm my old weight again it seems.


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