Monday, August 10, 2009

28 bottles of All detergent ($145) for tax only

I'm officially done now with the Unilever deal at Jewel. I've gotten 28 bottles of All detergent for tax only. Every single transaction was completely free except for sale tax (about $1 or so per 6).

I'll keep a few and donate the rest. This was an AWESOME promotion. Soooo many people have completely stocked on peanut butter, soups, cereal, pasta sauce etc etc. I'm cashing in my chips and calling it a night. I hope I've inspired at least someone to take a closer look at what you can save on and buy for pennies if you coupon smartly.

Now I know a lot of blogs are much more detailed than mine, and they cover tons more stores, or list endless links to printable coupons for products. I'm not a professional super couponer blogger like some women. I work full time, I can't scour every sale (I depend heavily on the blessing of those who can and do and post about it) nor shower people with tons of tricks and tips. I hope you're not disappointed.

I'm just a plain old normal person who wants to spread a little knowledge, share a little bit about my life, and send good wishes to all the folks who pass through my little corner of suburbia.

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