Thursday, August 27, 2009

NO LONGER WORKS/Fav 4 meat sale at Jewel: for plain old newbies

(This one's for you, Rose!)

Jewel is currently running a Fav 4 meat sale. The ad tells you which items apply, and their goal is to get you to buy at least 4 of these meat items to receive the $4.10 instant deduction at the register.

Typically the Fav 4 meats are wrapped in large sizes, say 3 pounds of stew beef for $3 a pound. By advertising the larger (and more expensive sizes) Jewel is betting you'll probably pick up 4 packs of around $6 each, spending $24 and netting the store at least $19.90 after discount.

But as with all things, there is a trick in this. While the 3 pounds of stew meat might have a Fav 4 sticker on it, the 1 pound of stew meat will ALSO qualify. As long as the price per pound (in this case $3) still applies. So the trick is to buy smaller quantities of meat, 4 of them, to maximize your $4.10 discount.

Now, you are not supposed to go to the butcher and ask him to re wrap your stew beef into smaller sizes. Let's be reasonable here.

This deal also stacks (meaning buying 8 will net you $8.20 off).

This deal comes around about 4 times per year (ironically enough).

Meat includes ground beef, stew meat, fish, shrimp, pork. Go crazy you carnivores.

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