Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I actually won something!

Last night I attended a friend's first Southern Living at Home party. I am not sure why I go to these, perhaps it is just to get out and have some munchies and chat. I never buy anything (probably why I'm never invited back to any "party" twice).

They did a little raffle at the end. Just as I was commenting to my friend that I never win ANYTHING, the called my name.

Me. My name.

The planet stuttered a bit in its orbit. Did you feel it, too?

I won this iron scroll tray (minus the glasses):

My next post shall be entitled: What the heck to I do with this tray I've won? Cause if there is a decorating gene, I am lacking it entirely.

By the way, not that I have any interest in whether or not you buy anything from Southern Living at Home (and I don't really), they do have an attractive catalog for "window shopping" which is exactly what I do at these events.

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