Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eeek! What do I bring as a thank you gift?

Recently some new friends of ours invited us to their block party. Their son and our son are best friends. We've had their son over for a playdate several times, and they came over for a cookout the beginning of the summer. They're very nice, but we don't socialize with them beyond that.

When the mom mentioned the block party, I thought that sounds fun and super casual. I was prepared to ask what I should bring. Then she sent the evite, along with a note to disregard the price per person. They want to treat us.

Treat us to the tune of $60!!

The block party is a luau. Catered. Pig roast. LIVE BAND. Games and prizes. Free sodas and beers. Well, as you can imagine, we were floored.

The mom won't take our offer to pay for this, so my husband suggested we bring the mom "a nice thank you gift."

What constitutes an appropriate thank you gift for this? I actually am stumped. Perhaps socially stunted is a better word. (No, a stack of coupons won't do!)


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