Friday, August 14, 2009

I lied

Big fat sweet smelling liar!


I printed 12 $1.50/1 Degree body mists and went to the Jewel to see if I could get 12 of them (plus print another $15 cat).
Link to a $1/1 Degree coupon:
(thank you

I found 11 of them, so I added a Degree deodorant. That made a total of 12 items (rang $30), minus $17 in qs - $15 in cats received = $2MM

Also grabbed 6 bags of Fisher nuts (BOGO) and used 5 $1/1 q = 41 cents per bag or $2.46

= 46 cents for everything.

$75 worth of items (regular price) for 46 cents! A savings of 99.994%

BTW: Who in their right mind would pay $4.99 each for those TINY body sprays?? I would never ever buy them EVER if they weren't free.


Anonymous said...

The purple one smells great. Where did u get the coupons for them?

Marie said...

I updated the posting to add the links. I believe both still work.


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