Sunday, August 9, 2009

Savings! $125 in food for $7 (94% savings)

(edited to update quantities)

23 jars of Bertolli pasta sauce (premium and organic) = FREE
11 boxes Betty Crocker brownies mix = $7

And the transaction printed $60 in coupons for me to use on my next purchase at Jewel ($45 came from the Bertolli, making it free, and another $15 came for the brownies, making them $7).

What am I going to do with all this food? Keep some and donate the rest to the food pantry at our church.

It only goes to show you that you can help others while saving money yourself!


Unknown said...

Fantastic deal!!

You were able to do that all in one transaction?? It's not limited to one $15 catalina per transaction?

Marie said...

Yes, this was one transaction. I am told 99% of the time you CANNOT stack catalinas in one transaction. For whatever reason, Unilever/GM/Dr. Pepper allowed it during this promo. This was my first real "stock up" catalina so I went a bit nuts, but in the end it was a benefit to those who needed it more than I do, and that's what it's all about.

Unknown said...

Great deal! Thanks for the info! And thanks for passing on your great deals to others! I've been doing the same using your deals. :)

Marie said...

You're welcome! My blog doesn't get much traffic so anyone I can help makes me happy!

Unknown said...

Do you happen to know the sale price for the brownie mix? It would save me time to do my $30 calculation before I get to the store. Thanks!

Marie said...

The brownie mix at my Jewel was $2.95 on big price reduction. Regular price was $2.99.

However my cats for the brownie did not print and I had to go to the CS desk. I bought 11 at $2.95 and this was over $30. CS just gave me the $15 in cats.

Unknown said...

Thank you! You are so helpful! :)


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