Monday, August 3, 2009

Laundry detergent for the entire year

Thanks to deal tips from my friends at, I was able to buy 14 bottles of All laundry detergent for $7 combining coupons with a buy $30/get $15 back deal at Jewel.

This deal would have been FREE if I'd remembered to bring $7 more in coupons.

This is $90 worth of laundry soap for $7, for a savings of 97%.

I love couponing!!!!

UPDATED: How I did this....

The current special at Jewel is a catalina deal (a deal in which you spend X amount and receive X amount in coupons toward your next purchase). This is a buy $30, get $15 deal sponsored by Unilever (who makes ALL). The deal does not depend on the sale price (currently $3.50 per bottle) but the shelf (non sale price) of $5.39.

$5.39 x 6 bottles = $32.34

But you are only paying $3.50 (sale price) x 6 = $21

Now subtract $6 in coupons (printed from All website as well as available from Sunday inserts or via purchase from website--I bought $1/1 coupons for only 10 cents each).

$21 - $6 = $15
You get $15 back from Jewel

Be warned, however, that this ALL promo is currently PLAGUED with problems because they programmed the coupon machines incorrectly. A lot of people are getting no catalinas back. Others have no problem. The store will tell you it didn't print your $15 because the $30 spend is off the sale price (not ever true).

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