Saturday, August 15, 2009

Total Jewel Tally

I went and found most all the receipts I used in this last Unilever/GM/Dr. Pepper deal. I calculated as follows (I'm rounding):

As near as I can tell, I purchased approximately $350 worth of groceries (a year's supply of pasta sauce, a year's supply of All detergent, a year's supply of tea bags, a year's supply of brownie mix, deodorant, and ice cream) for $7.

That's a savings of 98%!

Pretty good for a newbie I think!


Did you get any special deals this week? Please post them in the comments section below.


Es said...

nice work!!!!! I miss that deal already... I didn't stock up anywhere near where I should have :(

Marie said...

That deal wore me out! I am sitting out the Kraft one. I am stocked with food for a long while.


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