Monday, August 17, 2009

Something to do with all those apples

(Photo from The Pioneer Woman)

I inherited two large apple trees when I moved into this house. They make 8 million apples every year. Tasty apples. But ugly apples.

I have read every book and website on this planet about the care of apples. Mine suffer from apple scab, which is apparently the bane of the apple existance. Helpful advice from every source:

Plant scab resistant apples.

Too late.

I tried natural, organic apple spray to no avail.

I tried full on FDA certified apple pharmaceuticals. Zippo luck. I may need a lung transplant in the future, but I digress.

I have given in to the fact my apples look terrible. Big huge terrible looking apples that despite all outward appearances actually taste delightful when peeled and baked into a pie.

Or a caramel apple sticky bun. Thank you Pioneer Woman.

Do you have a favorite apple recipe that you can share? Link below. If I try yours, I will report back.

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