Wednesday, August 5, 2009

FREE Bertolli's Pasta Sauce: No coupon needed

I've seen this all over the web, most recently at Organic Deals and Coupons so please no one post that I am wiping out the stores!

The deal goes as follows:

Buy 7 bottles of Bertolli's sauce (multiple varieties on special)= $14 after preferred card
Receive $15 in cats good OYNO

Now, am I going to do this deal? No. Why? Because the only pasta sauce we eat is Prego. Sigh.

UPDATE: Gals, YMMV on this deal. I am not going to get into a million details but you may need to only buy the organic. Check the ring price at a self scan to make sure 7 will cost you $14 (and shelf price is over $30). As with ALL catalina deals, it is great to get it but sometimes, for whatever reason, programming glitch or otherwise, it might not work. 95% of the time it does, but I wanted to warn you.

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